Monday, 7 April 2014

My March Favourites!

So I have been loving an awful lot of things in the month of March, but I haven't really found any new beauty products I'm in love with! But I managed to choose five 'things' I'd love your beautiful eyes to see!  This was a lot harder than I thought it would be though, seemingly I love an awful lot of things!

#1. The Gym:  In February I started going to my college's gym because it's free for students! I've always been kind of scared to use it because I felt like people were going to stare and judge, because I am in no way fit and I definitely don't have a stereotypical gym body! But I faced my fears and went (with my friends, not alone), and it was actually fun; extremely hard work at times, but fun! I have a feeling it's going to start to become a thing now... but it's a good thing! Healthy = Happy!  Don't forget it's not about your body shape or size, it's about being healthy; because I seem to forget that a lot! The fact that you're trying is all that matters at the gym!

#2. Penneys' (Primarks) Range Of Fitness Clothing: Speaking of exercise... Before I got into it a little bit more, I didn't really have any clothes that were gym worthy! And not knowing if I was going to stick with it, I didn't want to spend too much money on gym clothes! I was browsing Penneys one day and saw a beautiful fitness section! These clothes are honestly the most comfortable of my gym wear and amazing quality for their price! (Running Top: 7.00; Exercise leggings: 8.00)

#3. Smoothies: For the last few weeks I have been absolutely loving smoothies! They are so versatile, and so easy to make! I love getting up in the morning, throwing fruit into a blender, and having a smoothie in two minutes! I can't decide which kind I like the most though...; maybe I'll do a 'how-to' post on my all time favourites! What makes this even better, is that I just bought a new blender for making my smoothies in! I am so excited to try it and see how it lives up to the old one; I'll keep you updated!

#4. Glass Storage Jars: These are my two favourite jars at the moment! I have an obsession with storage tins and jars, and these are so cute! I got them in a shop called 'Carraig Donn' which we have here in Ireland! They're actually meant to be halloween jars, but for €3.50 I didn't care at all!
Not only do I love the actual jar though, I also love what I am keeping in them! First I have Penneys' facial cleansing pads, and honestly they're soo handy to have! I love using them to take off my make up, and they're quite cheap for how well they work!
In the second jar I decided to keep sherbert sticks that I got in Dealz for €1.49, because it was empty, and they honestly look the cutest! And I now have a lil snack if I ever feel like a pick me up during the day!

#5.  So this website is one of my personal favourites, I've bought many many things from there and I absolutely adore them all! The prices are really good, and they are always very speedy with their deliveries; I've never had to wait more than 4 working days for mine! They have such an amazing selection of products, that I literally can't go on without adding something to my basket! They also have quite a large of Irish products, which I adore, because I can buy amazing products while supporting Irish brands. If you don't know yet... what? Get yourself over there now! I can't wait to share my latest haul from them with you! 

Byeee, Emma xx

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

It's April??

Can I please put out in the open how I am not ready for it to be April yet? Seeing as March is over now, April is going to be a whole new adventure (spent studying for exams), and I can't wait! 

I've realised in the last two weeks, that this blogging thing is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be! I always had soo much free time up until now, but suddenly it's all gone! 

I have at least 5 half-written post waiting to be finished so I can upload them! Please everyone tell me how you find the time to fit blogging into your everyday life! 

To be honest I wouldn't be able to post today if my class hadn't been cut short and given me an extra hour free.  I love that I've found something I enjoy doing, and that I've got a chance to finally express all this make-up love as well as talk all about my little boring life! 

Its just become clear to me how much I honestly love writing blog posts when I can take time to sit down and really think what I want to say... but I also love spontaneous blog posts like this, where I can just write(rant) about my life for a little while!

In more exciting news... I may or may not have just ordered quite a spectacular package from (I did); it should be here very soon and then I get to try out everything and do a lil review on some of my new thangs! I haven't been this excited in quite a while 

It's been lovely darlings... but I do have another class now!

Byeee, Emma xx