Sunday, 26 October 2014

Another Clothes Haul

Heyyyy, so here I am again; with another haul; it probably looks like I buy a lot of things, but I don't really, promise! But here's more clothes I've picked up in the last while, that I'm kind of in love with.

These first two are from New Look; super comfortable too!

The first is a mint coloured, long vest, with quite a deep scooped neck! It's quite a see-through material, so of course you have to be careful what you wear under it!
It only cost me €10 in the Inspire section of New Look, and was definitely worth it! It looks super cute with leggings, a cardigan, a cute scarf, socks and boots during autumn!

The second is a super cute one my Mum picked up for me; she thought it was sweet because I had studied French in college! It's a cropped top, which is just the perfect length to wear over tube skirts, but I find it's a bit too long or skater skirts, unless you want to tuck it in (it'll still look super cute!).
This was really inexpensive at only €6 in New Look's sale, and definitely worth every cent of that!

These next two I picked up in TKMAXX - now I adore this shop, I always find at least one beautiful thing I want to take home with me, but my only problem is that thee never seems to be more than 3 or 4 of the one thing! It of course means I've got a bit of individuality, but it kills me to know that thee isn't much point telling people where I got it, because there's only a tiny chance they'll be able to get it!  But anyway... here's the two beauties I picked up!

The first one here is again a mint colour - I am obsessed and regret absolutely nothing! It's an absolute beauty with a very slight peplum! Now, I'm not one to wear a peplum often, as I feel it just accentuates my problem areas; but damn is this different, it very slightly peplums, and just covers the stomach area in a really flattering way!
Definitely worth the €14 I paid for it!

And last, but definitely not least, is my favourite thing in my wardrobe right now! This absolutely gorgeous Navy Cableknit Sweather is all I need in my life! It's just thin enough to no choke you with heat, but will most definitely keep you warm, and looks absolutely darling with anything you wear it with! For €11 I've never been happier with a purchase!

Those are just the little bits I've picked up in New Look and TKMAXX recently, and writing this makes me sooo excited to go shopping again!
I hope y'all enjoy this, and I'll see you soon! I'm finally back into the swing of college and can't wait to get back writing!

Byeee, Emma xo

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Hair (Accessories) Haul

This title sounds a lot creepier written down than it did in my head... oops! I promise that I have not spent days collecting peoples hair *shudder*. To be fair I should have named it 'Hair Accessories Haul', but sure you win some, you lose some!
I'd just like to say that this is a collective haul, along with the rest of the hauls I'm putting up! I definitely didn't pick it all up in one crazy shopping trip! So I still haven't worked out how to store all of these just yet, so they're still in a lil River Island bag on my desk! 

So now, take a look at this fancy little arty shot I made... yeah feast your eyes on this! Isn't she a beauty? Ok I'm done now... sorry!
Ok, you're welcome! Now here's the little bits I bought for my hair over the summer! 
(In another fancy collage... I know!)

1. Up first, is my new scrunchies. I'm still  not 100% sure whether or not I'll wear these too often, but I do think they're very cute, and they'll come out every once in a while!
The first is a mint and navy polka dot scrunchie from River Island and was €6, quite steep for a scrunchie. but I couldn't resist it! 
The second is a multi-colour almost paint splatter scrunchie. It cost me €3 on sale in New Look - half price, so really it was begging me to buy it!

2. Next up is my new love! I have fallen completely head over heels with bun garlands. I don't know why, but they are so so adorable, and can dress up the simplest outfits!
The white/cream and dark blue/black ones above I bought in Penneys, and are definitely my favourite, as they are completely surrounded by flowers, leaving no gaps! They only cost €2.50.
The mint green one was bought in New Look for €3.99, I think it's beautiful because I love the colour, but I wish it was completely surrounded by flowers.
And the last one - the pink daisies - is the first bun garland I bought; I picked it up in River Island for €6. It's super cute and I love the baby pink colour. 

3. Next is my super cute hair bow. It's actually quite big, and has a lovely watermelon print on a black background! It was only €3 in New Look (I think?). It was definitely worth it though, as it makes pulling back your hair a lot cuter than just bobby pins. 

4. Lastly are my headbands; I've only recently gotten into these, as I've started to try and wear my hair down more often, so these dress it up a bit.
First is a simple navy/black rose design I got in Penneys for €2.50 - personally my favourite.
The next is a twisted bead design, which actually looks lovely when your hair is in a loose bun. This is from New Look and was only €3.99.
And the last one is a sort of tribal beaded design, I haven't worn this much, but it is simply adorable! It was only €2.99 in New Look as well!

So thoses are all the little hair bits I've gone crazy over recently! I rarely buy any 'cute' hair accessories, as I used to wear my hair pulled back a lot! Now that it's a quite a bit longer, I'm excited to wear all these a bit more!

I hope you enjoyed this, and I'm so happy to be back blogging! Leave a comment if there's anything you want to know! 

Byeee, Emma x