Saturday, 11 October 2014

Hair (Accessories) Haul

This title sounds a lot creepier written down than it did in my head... oops! I promise that I have not spent days collecting peoples hair *shudder*. To be fair I should have named it 'Hair Accessories Haul', but sure you win some, you lose some!
I'd just like to say that this is a collective haul, along with the rest of the hauls I'm putting up! I definitely didn't pick it all up in one crazy shopping trip! So I still haven't worked out how to store all of these just yet, so they're still in a lil River Island bag on my desk! 

So now, take a look at this fancy little arty shot I made... yeah feast your eyes on this! Isn't she a beauty? Ok I'm done now... sorry!
Ok, you're welcome! Now here's the little bits I bought for my hair over the summer! 
(In another fancy collage... I know!)

1. Up first, is my new scrunchies. I'm still  not 100% sure whether or not I'll wear these too often, but I do think they're very cute, and they'll come out every once in a while!
The first is a mint and navy polka dot scrunchie from River Island and was €6, quite steep for a scrunchie. but I couldn't resist it! 
The second is a multi-colour almost paint splatter scrunchie. It cost me €3 on sale in New Look - half price, so really it was begging me to buy it!

2. Next up is my new love! I have fallen completely head over heels with bun garlands. I don't know why, but they are so so adorable, and can dress up the simplest outfits!
The white/cream and dark blue/black ones above I bought in Penneys, and are definitely my favourite, as they are completely surrounded by flowers, leaving no gaps! They only cost €2.50.
The mint green one was bought in New Look for €3.99, I think it's beautiful because I love the colour, but I wish it was completely surrounded by flowers.
And the last one - the pink daisies - is the first bun garland I bought; I picked it up in River Island for €6. It's super cute and I love the baby pink colour. 

3. Next is my super cute hair bow. It's actually quite big, and has a lovely watermelon print on a black background! It was only €3 in New Look (I think?). It was definitely worth it though, as it makes pulling back your hair a lot cuter than just bobby pins. 

4. Lastly are my headbands; I've only recently gotten into these, as I've started to try and wear my hair down more often, so these dress it up a bit.
First is a simple navy/black rose design I got in Penneys for €2.50 - personally my favourite.
The next is a twisted bead design, which actually looks lovely when your hair is in a loose bun. This is from New Look and was only €3.99.
And the last one is a sort of tribal beaded design, I haven't worn this much, but it is simply adorable! It was only €2.99 in New Look as well!

So thoses are all the little hair bits I've gone crazy over recently! I rarely buy any 'cute' hair accessories, as I used to wear my hair pulled back a lot! Now that it's a quite a bit longer, I'm excited to wear all these a bit more!

I hope you enjoyed this, and I'm so happy to be back blogging! Leave a comment if there's anything you want to know! 

Byeee, Emma x

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