Saturday, 1 November 2014

Haul Of My Faves

Wait a second, what is this? Two clothes hauls in a row? Wow Emma, you must never leave the shops right? Oh, how I wish that was true! 

These first two, are some absolute beauties; yes, they are the same piece of clothing in two different colours, and I am one hundred and twenty-five percent okay with that! I've never really been one to go for really bright, out-there colours, so you can imagine the fear I felt buying the both of these! 
But, I have to say, that I am now a firm believer that colour can and will completely change your outfit! 

The first one's a yellow ombré shirt, and the second a purple ombré shirt; they're quite long, and reach about mid-thigh! I wear mine with a skater skirt, crop top and pumps!  I bought them in a little boutique in New Ross in Co. Wexford, called 'Town and Country', and they were on sale for €22.49 each... not too bad right?

These are some of my favourite items of clothing, it's not even that they're particularly breathtakingly beautiful; but I have a deep adoration for them and where they come from! 
I bought them online, from a youtubers merch website; for some reason I feel like these tops 100% get me! 

The two guys are 'Shep689' on YouTube, and they do daily vlogs as well as their own videos on their own channels! I met them this past summer (You can see that post here!), and they are some of the most genuine people I've ever met, and they design pretty beautiful clothing too! 

The t-shirt up there is $20, and the tank top is $25; they're both still available right now (but I'm not sure for how much longer)! The website is here!

Sooo, that's all for now folks, I hope y'all enjoyed this, and I'll be back super soon with another post for y'all! 

Byeee, Emma xo

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