Thursday, 4 December 2014

#ThisIsChristmas Day3

Uh oh... we're only on day 3, and I'm already missing days!  College is to blame this time, not myself! 

We're back again for day 3 of the #ThisIsChristmas challenge! Today is my 'Favourite Christmassy treat (food or drink!)'.

I can answer this straight off the bat when it comes to my favourite drink; it's a mint white hot chocolate! Yes it is amazing, so delicious, but it looks super funky too - it's green! I got one only yesterday, so here's a cute little picture of that!

Guys, I 100% recommend you try this, it is without a doubt my favourite hot chocolate ever, and that's saying a lot because I love hot chocolate! 

Now, when it comes to my favourite Christmas treat, everything gets that little bit harder; I personally don't like mince pies, or Christmas cake, or pudding; I do love myself a good gingerbread person though, that's for sure. They are just so adorable, and let's be honest here, ginger is quite a Christmassy, and warming flavour and scent!  

Thanks for keeping up with these #ThisIsChristmas challenge I'm doing here; and feel free to join everyone, there's an Instagram one too if you don't blog yourself! (Find them here)
I'll see y'all later today with Day 4 of #ThisIsChristmas

Byeee, Emma x

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