Wednesday, 14 January 2015

My Current Wishlist!

Hey y'all, so now that we're suddenly thrown into 2015, there are soo many things I want to go out and buy! I always find that when it gets cold out, I want to pack away all the pretty clothes, and turn to anything warm and comfy I can find in the back of my wardrobe, so I decided to make myself a shopping list of sorts! 

I've only gone and found hundreds of cute things that I 'need'! So I made a little list of some super adorable pieces that I couldn't resist; I'll be begging my Mum to buy me some of these pieces for birthday without a doubt!

The first thing I've fallen in love with is this 'Monochrome Check' Blanket Wrap from New Look! I know I'm probably a little behind on this trend, but I tried one on for the first time the other day, and they are one of the most comfortable things ever! I love that they can completely dress up or down an outfit, so this'll be something I'm going to pick up in the near future without a doubt. Plus, it's only €17.99 in New Look at the moment.

The second is another blanket wrap, I know, it's ridiculous! But this is the Aztec Hooded Blanket Wrap! IT HAS A HOOD GUYS! I'm in love right now, and it is currently number one on my birthday list! It's €29.99 in New Look, so not the cheapest, but it's so beautiful it's worth it!

Now, next is something that I'm probably going to be waiting a long time to get, because it is very expensive! These are some of the original 'Serena' Dr. Martens. Thy are the meaning of the word classic, and I've been lusting after a pair for a long time now, so I think it's about time I start saving for them! hey are about €140 though, so I may be a while!

I have one beauty product that I feel like it's really time I bought, and that is my first MAC lipstick! It's been a long time coming if I'm honest, so I'm 110% ready to go out and buy one right now! But, seeing as I can't do that, here's the one I soo desperately want - it's MAC 'The Matte' Lipstick in the shade Heroine! I am a huge fan of dark berry shades, so this is hopefully going to be my next purchase!   €19.50 will be saved very soon, and I will let y'all know how much  love it then!

That's it for now you guys, I hope you enjoyed that! I can not wait for exams to end so I can be back into the swing of blogging properly; I miss y'all!
Let me kno if here's anything you'd like to see here in the future, down in the comments!

- Emma x

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