Thursday, 29 January 2015

What I Got For My Birthday

Hey guys, so it was my birthday last week, and I turned 20!! I thought that I'd do a little post on what I got, because I know I love reading these posts; maybe it's just because I'm really nosy though! I just want to say that I'm not bragging, and I am so grateful for everything I got, and everyone who was a part of my day. I'm gonna jump right in because this might be a long one!

First up are 3 pieces that my mum ordered for me from New Look, One is the hooded cape I so desperately wanted a few weeks ago, and the other two are boots. Now shoes are a bit of a difficult topic for me, because I have quite big feet - Size 9, with a wide fitting. It can be quite hard to find shoes, but we finally have! New Look is the place to go if you have slightly larger feet!

My Beautiful hooded cape; The cape pattern

Black Diamante Detailed Boots

Grey Boots - Low Heel, Knit Turndown, Buckle Detail

Next was a little bit of a joke between us; it's the 'Computer Coding for kids' book by Carol Vorderman. I'm actually studying a Computer Science module in college, and this book covers he same thing! I think it's a bit of a pity that coding wasn't a big deal when we were younger, I can't help but feel that I'm learning something that in a few years will be common knowledge to everyone. Besides my own little worries though, this book is actually really helpful, and definitely worth it! 

For a long time now, I've been lusting after owl cushions, and decorations of any sorts. So, for my birthday, my mom got me this adorable little owl doorstop with cute glasses and all. I am in love with this, but it definitely won't be going on the ground, that's for sure. It's from Penneys by the way incase anyone wants one! 

My sister promised me these adorable little lunchboxes a while ago, and got them for me for my birthday! They'e so cute, and the bottom half of the box is purple; it almost makes me excited to go back to college! You can get them in Arnotts, Avoca, or sometimes Easons as far as I know!

Next is something that I've been 100% obsessed with over the last few months - Mason Jars! When I opened this I honestly couldn't believe it; I've been searching for them, and hadn't seen them anywhere! This set comes with 2 mason jars, with flower pattern lids, a recipe booklet, and 4 straws(except the straws were missing in mine!). It is suer cute, and can be bough in Heatons if anyone would like them!

These last two weren't really presents as much as last minute things we picked up! We went for dinner in Liffey Valley, and when we finished we took a little gander in Boots. I picked up this eyeliner marker by Miss Sporty because it was quite cheap, and I really want to teach myself to use it. I'm fine with a pencil, but anything liquid completely throws me!  

 Finally, I grabbed the Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in the shade 22. It's a beautiful classic red colour, and is so gorgeous. I didn't have a plain red colour before this, so I can not wait to use it!  

 That's everything I got for my birthday, and again I am so grateful. I hope y'all enjoyed this, and let me know down below if you've ever seen these, or if you've tried the makeup! I'll be back soon!

- Emma x

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