Monday, 1 September 2014

The Summer Summaries - #Dublin689

Well I can tell you guys right now, that this is without a doubt, the best experience of my summer. #Dublin689 is something I wish could happen every year, if not more often! 

#Dublin689 (have I said it enough yet?), was a YouTube meetup I was at in Dublin on 24th July! It was a meetup for an American couple Will and RJ, who run the channels 'Shep689' (their vlog channel), 'shepsquared' (Will) and 'TheNotAdam' (RJ).

I have to say it was quite unusual seeing someone who you've only ever seen on a screen, in front of you, in the flesh (and yes, they were very real). There was a group of about 50 (maybe) subscribers there on the day to chat to the guys, take some selfies, go for lunch, and then spend the night on the town!

We met at St. Stephen's Green park, and all had our picture taken with the guys before having a lil kiki, talking about the YouTube, life, signing an Irish flag for them, and writing notes in their travel book!

Here's a picture of me with Will and RJ on the day.

We had lunch in Tolteca, on Suffolk Street in Dublin City Centre! Tolteca is seemingly the Irish version of Chipotle; it's a 'Mexican Style Grill' and I have to say their food is quite lovely! I will be going back! This was part 1 finished, and everyone went their seperate ways to get bits ready for part 2 a few hours later!

So part 2 of the day was our 'mad' night out on the town! We decided to explore most of Dublin's well-known gay/gay friendly bars, as well as a few more traditional places! Eventually we stumbled in The George, where we saw part of a drag show (my first)! The night ended around 3am, and honestly, that was too soon!

I'd like to thank the guys (on the off-chance they see this), for coming over and exploring Europe, it was an experience I'll never forget! Please go and check them out, because they deserve an awful lot of love (and have a super cute dog called Dobby)!

Thank y'all for coming along on this lil journey! <3

Byeee, Emma x

P.S. Will and RJ give the best hugs ever; especially RJ's drunken goodbye hugs! 

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