Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A Whole Week Off!

Do you ever get the feeling that the time you have off work or college or school is about to be a huuuge waste? I have that feeling today... I've already had the weekend, Monday, and now Tuesday away from college, and I have accomplished pretty much nothing so far! 

Can't lie... I have made about a hundred plans for this week, both study and social; but actually getting something done will be the real task! AND I've a feeling I'll be returning to college next week with just as many assignments as I have now, and even more friends to try and visit! 

BUT... That is not how I want it to be! I am going to try my best and make this week a little more productive than my previous holidays! So I've made 3 lil plans for this week, and I figure if I write them down here I'll have a bit more motivation to carry these out!

So here they are! 
1) Complete some of the work I have to do for college in the upcoming weeks
2) Take a trip down to the gym at least once so I don't go a week without, and workout at home on other days!
3) Finally organise my room so it's ready for when I have people over!

I know these might not sounds like the most difficult things to do, but they definitely aren't easy when I know I could just curl up on the couch with a book, or on my laptop! 

So here I go, and I honestly can't wait to see what happens! I'm looking forward to writing a post about how it goes for next week; and I'm sure I'll have stories to share before that!

Love and Hugs, Emma xx

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