Monday, 24 March 2014

Sister Bonding Time

Yesterday (Sunday), I went to a lovely lunch with most of my family! We went to a little pub in my village, and I had the nicest curry I've had in a long time (which I forgot to take pictures of...). But not to worry... I took plenty of other pictures! 

So because I have been on a study week from college and my sister had some school work to do, the two of us came home a bit early; and we of course procrastinated as much as we could! 
I decided it was about time I took my 'big girl' camera out again, and started using it! So we spent an hour or so doing makeup and taking photos in our garden! 

Here's some of the 'beautiful' images we finished the day with!!

 This is me by the way! Hi! And this is what happens when I learn how to take selfies on big cameras!

 This is my beautiful sister in her outfit for lunch! Posing for that camera!

 These are my sister's boots; I am very jealous of her for having them! (€17 in Penneys!) They are just the cutest!!

 This is them again! With her lace tights, also from Penneys! I adore the pictures these boots take! 

This is the two of us taking a big camera selfie! Ahh I love the lil thing! <3
This last one is my sisters attempt at taking blog pictures; she didn't do too bad! To be fair I probably wasn't the easiest subject to shoot! I also lost the glasses for these.... so had no idea what she was doing! 

Well that's all I've got to show from our lil shoot, but I hope this was kind of enjoyable, and It didn't bore too much! 
I can't wait to fill you in on the going-ons of my study week! 

Byeee, Emma! xx

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