Monday, 10 March 2014

Beauty Haul Time

Ok I have a confession to make... I went a little bit crazy on Valentines Day when my favourite website had a sale for all us lovely single people! I got 20% off all of these products (thankfully), but I have included the original prices incase anyone is wondering!

I'll admit I made quite an impact on my card that day... But these are things I have been dying to try for a long time! So y'all have Cloud10Beauty to thank for this!

I have a slight obsession with EOS lipbalms thanks to watching youtubers, so I decided I NEEDED to buy myself another one (and three for my sister!) I got myself the pomegranate and raspberry flavour (€6.95), and I love it! I've always found these lip balms really moisturising as well as smelling and tasting amazing! I'll let you know my sisters opinion on hers when she gets them!

I also got the Sleek 'Au Naturel' eyeshadow palette (Originally €9.99) It has some beautiful earthy brown tones, as well as some beautiful pale and quite dark colours! I used it this weekend and I adored it; it lasts all night too! The pigmentation is amazing so I know this will last for a long time!

I always seem to have a bit of a problem with finding a powder that not only looks good, but that I can carry around with me all day! I'm trying out the Sleek Professional Finishing Powder (Usually €8.49), and so far I'm loving it! It sets my makeup perfectly but doesn't give too heavy a coverage! Powder always seems to make my skin extremely dry also, but thankfully this one hasn't so far!! The only problem I have with this powder is that because it's a loose powder, I seem to get it all over me when I'm doing my face; and I always tip out too much or not enough!

The last things I got were three Real Techniques brushes. I bought the Powder Brush, Stippling Brush, and Setting Brush!

I absolutely adore the Powder Brush (Normally €13.50) I couldn't resist it! Don't get me wrong, it is hella huge, but it holds product perfectly, and buffs powder into the skin with no problem!

The Stippling Brush (Usually €13.50) is the prettiest brush I own, and when you get the hang of it, it can apply your foundation so flawlessly! I can't lie, the first few times I tried it I had a few streaks and a bit of an uneven coverage, but after some practice I get it right almost every time! The only thing I don't like is that it takes time to use a stippling brush every day, so it might not be the best idea if you're always rushing!

This Setting Brush (Usually €8.50) is the sweetest little face brush I've ever seen! I still haven't decided exactly what I'm going to use it for, but at the moment it's being used to blend my concealer; and it's working quite well if I'm honest!

That was all I have for this lil haul/review! I hope this didn't bore you too much, and you should definitely try out some of these products!

Love and Hugs, Emma xx

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