Wednesday, 26 March 2014

My Fail Of A Study Week?

If you go back 2(?) posts, you'll see that I had a little study week last week! I also made soooo many plans for this week! Of which almost none happened! I had a feeling this would happen... of course my idea of motivation was procrastinating by writing a blog post on it! I had 3 little things I wanted to do:

1) Complete some of the work I have to do for college in the upcoming weeks
2) Take a trip down to the gym at least once so I don't go a week without, and workout at home on other days!
3) Finally organise my room so it's ready for when I have people over!

Well... looking back at them, I suppose I technically did everything I wanted to do... just in smaller amounts than were needed!

1) I did some work... I finished one lot of homework? And then put off the two assignments I now have due for next week! But.. I have started them now, so maybe this isn't too bad, because I know that I'm now on such a time limit! Here's to pure luck y'all...

2) The gym... Well I have to say that the gym honestly didn't happen!  But I did go for a walk one day.. that counts doesn't it? I also went shopping... and that involved a lot of walking, and carrying bags! I totally didn't do too bad at this one!

3) Now this one I really did try at! But you know when you don't have enough time in a day to finish something? Yeah.. that may have happened!
My room does this thing where it gets a lot worse before it gets better, so I spent a good 5/6 hours trying to completely re-do my room! It's not too bad at the moment if I'm honest... I'm quite proud of my work, even if it's not perfect just yet !

So maybe this week wasn't quite as much of a fail as I thought! Even though I didn't do everything I had planned properly... but I did have a good time, and I suppose that is one of the most important things right? 

I suppose I'd better be off now and do all that college work yeah? Alright...

Byeee, Emma xx

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